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fill this hole, suck this sole

my empire of dirt
23 February
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80s music, abstract art, activision, alanis morrisette, alternative, alternative music, angel, animals, anne clark, apoptygma berzerk, art, atari, atari teenage riot, atheism, babies, baths, biology, blade runner, boingboing, bolg, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, business, camping, cats, chemistry, chinese food, chocolate, cinequest, cirque de soliel, clive barker, comedy, computers, cooking, csi, cycling, dancing, dennis miller, digital cameras, digital photography, drawing, economics, eighties, environment, film festivals, gabber, gorillaz, goth, hellraiser, hiking, horror, horror movies, independent movies, indian food, industrial, industrial metal, industrial music, italian food, kevin smith, kittens, kmfdm, korn, laurie anderson, linkin park, love spit love, magic, math, media, metal, ministry, moblog, modern art, movies, multimedia, music, nanotechnology, nature, new order, new wave, nin, nine inch nails, numbers, painting, performance art, philosophy, photography, photoshop, physics, playstation 2, politics, pop will eat itself, radiohead, reading, san jose, san jose film festival, school house rock, sci fi movies, sci-fi, science, scott turow, sculpture, sex, single and looking, skeptics, sketching, skinny puppy, space invaders, star trek, star wars, static x, sureal, swimming, tear garden, technology, the afghan whigs, the chameleons uk, the cure, the daily show, the matrix, the simpsons, the smiths, tivo, travel, trent reznor, tv, video games, video production, videography, viewaskew, violent femmes, vnv nation, voice farm, women, wumpscut